Therapy for IBS and Chronic Illness


Helping adults with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other chronic illnesses see
a path forward

When our bodies aren't feeling well, it can be hard to cope, let alone thrive

In pain and feeling lost, alone or invisible, it’s hard to get up and face the day. Therapy can help you ease the burden of navigating your health challenge and reclaim a meaningful life.

Does this sound like you?

You feel resentful, frustrated, and angry with your body

You’re stuck on a spin cycle of physical and emotional pain

You have felt alone, misunderstood, or invisible

You can’t remember when you experienced joy

You struggle with self-criticism, self-blame or shame

Your worries about your symptoms flaring up rule your life

If you’ve been struggling with your health concerns, I’m glad you found this page. Sometimes people don’t think to go to therapy for something like Irritable Bowel Syndrome or other chronic health issues. Or your pain or symptoms have been dismissed before and you don't want to be told it’s “all in your head.”

It’s Possible To Reclaim A Meaningful Life…

In therapy I provide a validating, non-judgmental place to talk freely about how much your health concern or relentless belly trouble has impacted your life.

Therapy can help you work through the mental turmoil, reduce the emotional toll of your health issue and find hope.

Imagine if you could…

Feel less burdened by anxiety and shame

Cope with the disappointments and losses with compassion

Quiet and soothe distress and despair

Work through confusion and self-judgment

Shift into a more hopeful outlook

Reclaim a meaningful life

Step back from the relentless cycle of
symptoms and despair…

Therapy for IBS and Chronic Pain can help you catch your breath from the emotional suffering that can go along with health issues.  You will receive compassionate focus and gentle guidance to sort through the burdens you’ve been carrying with your symptoms. You will find opportunities to focus less on illness and more on living.

Therapy will consist of 50 minute, one-on-one sessions on a weekly basis. We begin weekly in order to gain traction towards reducing the suffering and feeling more at-ease.

Here’s how it will work


First, I provide a safe, accepting space so that you will feel comfortable sharing your struggles with me. Through my work I’ve heard many details about struggling with IBS symptoms and other chronic health issues; hearing this does not make me uncomfortable. You can share without shame.


Through hearing your story, I will start to get a picture of what your challenges are and the toll your chronic illness and symptoms have taken on your life and your relationship with yourself and your body.


We will work through immediate concerns like how to set up systems in your life to take care of yourself in the hardest moments with your symptoms- physically, mentally and emotionally, and to cope with frustration and confusion around managing a physical illness.


We will also address the larger impact on your life and explore opportunities to expand beyond symptoms and illness.


Over the course of our sessions, you will start reconnecting with a life you desire rather than one focused only on tending to sickness, exhaustion or pain.

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