Therapy For Anxiety


Helping adults whose anxiety and worries have edged out the joy in life

Having anxiety is too much...

...overthinking, worrying about everything, and stuck in exhausting mental traps. You wonder why things that seem easy for other people feel hard for you. It’s like every day is impossible. No wonder you’re exhausted but can’t rest.

Does this sound like you?

You’re frazzled and unable to find your center
Decisions, both big and small have become paralyzing for you
Your heart is racing, stomach in knots and you can’t self soothe
You’re so worried about something bad happening that you can’t focus
You’re self-critical especially around things that are out of your control

We might hesitate to go to therapy for our worries. It seems so normal to be so stressed these days, which makes it even harder to recognize when therapy could help.

It’s Possible to Feel More Calm and Centered

I've helped people struggling with constant worry, anxiety and overthinking find their way to feeling more peace, settle their minds and bodies and reclaim their lives again.

Therapy can help you find freedom from panic, worry and overthinking.

Imagine if you could…

Get to the root of your anxiety instead of just distracting yourself or numbing out
Quiet and soothe your self-critical voice
Stop letting anxiety make decisions for you
Respond more calmly to whatever your day brings
Make decisions with more confidence and self-trust
Shift into a more hopeful outlook on life and bring back authentic joy

Step Back from Anxiety, Slow Down,
& Live Life with More Ease

Therapy provides a non-judgmental space for you to talk freely about what you're going through and learn new skills and techniques to ease the worry and soften the panicky inner voices.

Therapy will consist of 50 minute, one-on-one sessions on a weekly basis. We begin weekly to gain traction towards reducing anxiety and getting to a calmer state.

Here’s how it will work


First, our sessions will function as a respite from your day to create a safe space to explore the role of anxiety in your life. You may be so used to going a mile a minute, that sitting down to focus on yourself could be uncomfortable at first.


Through guided conversations, I will start to get a picture of how anxiety has impacted your life and what you’d like to see happen for yourself instead.


We will start by helping you with immediate concerns like learning tools to self-soothe and cope with intrusive worry thoughts.


We will also work to create better systems to nurture yourself and care for your needs so that you aren’t living in a constant state of anxiety and stress.


Finally, we’ll figure out how to reconnect you with a sense of positive direction for your life.


Over the course of our sessions, you will start making progress towards a life you desire rather than one that is authored by feelings of worry, anxiety and stress.

Let’s Get Started Today

Ready to start feeling better? Therapy could help.

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