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Do any of the following resonate with you?

Anxiety and worry makes it hard to focus
You’re paralyzed by overthinking and self-criticism
Stress, worry and panic have taken over joy and meaning in life
You don’t feel like yourself any more and have lost track of where you’re headed
Your health challenge keeps you stuck in a painful cycle of physical and emotional turmoil

If so, I'm here to help.

How I Help

Online Therapy Services For Connecticut and Massachusetts Residents

Therapy For Anxiety

Having anxiety is too much: overthinking, worrying about everything, and stuck in exhausting mental traps. Therapy can help you soothe the panic and live life with more calm and ease.

Therapy For Anxiety

Therapy for IBS and Chronic Illness

When our bodies aren't feeling well, it can be hard to cope, let alone thrive. Therapy can help you ease the burden of navigating your health challenge and reclaim a meaningful life.

Therapy for IBS and Chronic Illness

Therapy for Adulting

Adulting is hard. Entering adulthood can bring anxiety, confusion, comparisons, and self-doubt. Therapy can help you let go of constant worry and begin to find your own way in the world.

Therapy for Adulting

Therapy for Grief & Loss

When you’ve experienced a loss, life distorts and turns upside down, and you aren’t sure how you’ll go on. Therapy can help you manage the piercing pain of loss, sort through the devastation that a loss can bring, and make sense of the world again.

Therapy for Grief & Loss

Hi, I'm Megan Mountcastle

I am a compassionate, empathic, gentle therapist that can help you find ease in day-to-day living. I provide care for adults experiencing chronic overthinking and excessive amounts of worry, young adults feeling panicky about life, and those whose health challenges have taken a toll on their body, mind and soul.

What makes me different: I bring calm. During sessions, I help my clients slow down. Even when we’re doing therapy, the vibe is more like a retreat. Let’s create time and space that is completely for you.

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